When you choose to remodel, you are making a commitment to your home.

You may have considered the possibility of moving to a different house. But for whatever reason – friendly neighbors, a wonderful school, financial considerations – you decide to stay. Still, you wonder:

  • How do we cope with the dingy kitchen with its small window, dark cabinetry, and shortage of counter space?
  • What can we do for the tired bathroom with poor fixture placement, faded vinyl floor, and plastic-tiled shower walls?

In addition to remodeling existing living areas, you may decide to add usable space to your home. This can range from converting a corner of an unfinished basement into an additional bathroom, to constructing a master bedroom/bath suite in a new addition.

Remodeling - the Two Fold Advantage

First, a remodel increases the ease and pleasure of living in your home, since the new space is attractive and functions well. Second, a well-thought-out and tasteful remodel (especially of a kitchen and/or bathroom) can increase the resale value of your home. It is not uncommon to recoup a reasonable portion of your kitchen and bathroom remodel investment upon the sale of your house.

A remodel of your existing bath or kitchen can range in scope from purely cosmetic (a new fixture or two), to extensive (new flooring, ceramic tile work, wall/door/window changes). You select the general parameters of the remodel (complexity of project and budget range), while we'll help you identify factors you might not have considered.

For example, older homes that have never been remodeled often require electrical upgrades, structural changes, and new plumbing (drain lines and water supply pipes), which can add an unanticipated cost to the remodel.

Why should I spend money on something I can't even see?

Replacement of an old plumbing system with new materials has a number of benefits: you'll have fewer worries about deteriorating and leaking pipes and their related property damage; upgrades to modern codes allow new fixtures to function properly; and it's a selling point for future resale of your home.

If you're thinking of remodeling, collect as many ideas as possible. Look at magazines and library books; browse plumbing supply showrooms and product catalogs; and attend the local Remodelor's Parade. More importantly, check out Our Portfolio for some examples. You'll get to know your options (vanity cabinet vs. pedestal sink; two-handle vs. single-handle faucets, etc.), determine your style (classic/traditional, modern, eclectic), and analyze the function you want your remodel to serve. Do you want a shower stall and large vanity top with two sinks for hectic mornings, or a whirlpool tub and steam shower for pampering? Are you preparing your home for retirement living and would like to incorporate Universal Design to enhance accessibility?

With planning, you'll be able to prioritize those aspects of the remodel which are most important to you.

Remember: it is not uncommon to plan your dream room, and then be struck by the reality of the expense. Bea Day Plumbers strives to make our bids as fair and as realistic as possible. We try to give a bid based on a "typical" remodel, but with a buffer built in for minor surprises. Larger challenges such as floor joists that have been dangerously undermined, weakened plaster which may suddenly give way, or the discovery of termites in a wall just cannot be anticipated. As a general guideline, experts recommend that customers mentally add another 10, 15, even 20% to the total listed on the bid to cover those unexpected circumstances.

When you have a fair idea of what you'd like, contact us. We will schedule a time for Jane to visit your home and look at the project. You can share your ideas and get feedback on your particular remodel plans. Then we'll send you a written bid proposal; when we receive a signed copy of the proposal back from you, your project will become part of our job calendar. And the transformation will begin!

New Construction

Bea Day Plumbers works with local builders on new home construction, plumbing the DWV (drain, waste and vent), water, and gas piping systems. When you are in the planning stages with your builder, ask him or her to consider Bea Day Plumbers for the plumbing portions of your project.

Services and Repair

We are always pleased to provide repair services to our customers. Since we are primarily remodeling contractors, our service work customers are often placed on a waiting list and are helped as quickly as possible. Because there is almost always a wait of some sort, however, true plumbing emergencies which must be responded to quickly are best dealt with by another plumber.

Radiant Floor Heat

Wirsbo® HePex tubing layout awaiting concrete pour.

Wirsbo® HePex tubing layout awaiting concrete pour.

On a frosty winter morning, not many folks enjoy bare feet on a cold floor. At the request of a past customer, Bea Day Plumbers became involved in the installation of radiant floor heating systems. These systems – which essentially turn your floors into thermostatically-controlled radiators – are a unique, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to forced-air heating. Radiant floor heat provides a comfortable, even heat which warms not only the air, but people, furniture, and other surfaces. It creates home comfort without noise or drafts, the dispersion of dust and allergens, or high heating bills. Although the system tends to have a higher initial cost, one manufacturer says that it reduces on-going heating bills by 20-40% and significantly increases the resale value of the home. In addition, standard floor coverings can be placed over the heating system, so the homeowner continues to have a wide range of floor covering choices for the completed rooms. We have been trained in the installation and maintenance of the Uponor Wirsbo® radiant floor heating systems. Although Bea Day Plumbers installs hydronic systems in both remodel and new construction projects, we do not consider ourselves experts in older existing systems. If radiant floor heat intrigues you, please call Jane or visit the Wirsbo® website for further information.